Phenix Women's Orca Waist Snowpant

$290.00 $217.50

Brand Phenix

- Phenix 20,000mm H20

A high performance fabric developed through extensive researches. Phenix 20,000mmH2O  provides superior water-proofness, wind-proofness and breathability to keep you dry under the harshest conditions.

- Thunderon Digenite Thermo

Digenite Thermo insulation contains Thunderon® fiber for superior warmth and heat retention. Digenite Thermo insulation is a ceramic composite incorporating Copper Light (Sunlight and other Light) which Infrared Rays (Short and Long) which are invisible to the eye. By an exothermic heat generation from natural sunlight and body energies, generates heat and retains this heat. Digenite Thermo material absorbs these electric waves to generate heat. Furthermore, this Thunderon® Digenite Thermo has strong anti-microbial and static electricity minimizing properties.

- 4-way Stretch

Stretch for Maximum Mobility and Superior Silhouette
Phenix introduces the 4-way Stretch fabric, which enhances higher mobility and flexibility for your better performance. This 4-way Stretch fabric allows us to provide you collections with superior silhouette and maximum mobility. We're sure that you would enjoy this new special garment on the slope.

- Ergonomic Design

Carefully patterned by its R&D Center, Phenix's ergonomically designed skiwears give maximum freedom of movement.


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